introduction is a collection of links and posts submitted by neolinks members. An account is not required (a.k.a. lurker) if you just want to browse the public links and posts that other members have submitted to the site. But if you want to save your own bookmarks (links to external content) or notes and comment or vote on other members' stuff, you need to register. Registration is instant and all you need is a username and password. Email is optional and is only used for resetting forgotten password.

adding bookmarks

The recommended way to add bookmarks to neolinks is by using JavaScript bookmarklets. To get started, choose a bookmarklet below then drag it to your browser's bookmarks bar.

neolinks - opens a save bookmark form in the same window

neolinks (popup) - opens a save bookmark form in a popup window

When you are on a page that you want to add to neolinks, just click the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar then click save in the add bookmark page.

bookmarklet in Safari on iOS

Follow the steps below to save a bookmarklet in Safari on iOS:

[1] Bookmark this page. Tap the share icon on the bottom toolbar.

[2] In the share sheet, tap Add to Favorites.

[3] Copy the text below. This text will replace the address of the bookmark saved in step 1.

[4] Open your favorites screen by tapping on the address bar. Long-press the bookmark that was just saved then tap Edit.

[5] Paste the text that you copied in step 3.

types of bookmarks

Bookmarks can be public or private in neolinks. When adding a new bookmark, you have to click the Make this a public bookmark checkbox to make it public. You can change its attributes at anytime by editing it.

A private bookmark details page
details page

Details page shows various information about a bookmark like the date when it was added, last edited and the number of edits. You can also edit or delete a bookmark from this page (only visible if you are the owner).

A public bookmark details page

Other members can also add comments or upvote/downvote on this page.

adding tags to bookmark

Start typing a tag name in the Tags field. You will get suggestions if the first few letters match anything that has been saved before. To finish adding the tag, just press Enter.

Adding tags to a bookmark

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